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Service & Maintenance

Eco Air Systems offers a fully integrated after-sales service to ensure you receive the maximum long-term benefits from your Air Conditioning systems.

We have used manufacturer’s recommendations to form the check lists which are the template for our Planned Maintenance Inspections and the data gathered will be used to form the basis for the mandatory F-Gas checks.

F-Gas regulations stipulate that All operators of refrigeration and air conditioning systems to take all precautionary measures practicable to prevent and minimise leakage. It states that all fixed equipment systems with a refrigerant charge greater than 3kG will require an annual check for leakage (this includes most systems currently installed in the UK). This must be under taken by personnel with the correct F-Gas qualification.

We strongly recommend that a Planned Maintenance regime is the essential first step to be considered following the installation and commissioning of the products we offer as well as complying with the law on F-Gas checks. Very often expensive and technically advanced equipment is neglected which can lead to expensive failures and increased running costs. It is a pre-requirement of the Manufacturer’s extended warranty (where applicable) that a maintenance contract is in force throughout the entire warranty period.

Regular maintenance will not only keep your equipment running at optimum levels of efficiency, but minor adjustments can be made in a timely manner to avoid more serious problems. It will reduce running cost by ensuring everything is working as efficiently as it should be and reducing strain on mechanical components and other moving parts so you’re not paying any more than you need to therefore enhancing the potential working life of the system.

Even if Eco Air Systems didn’t supply and install the equipment – it’s not a problem at all, we can still offer you the same level of service.

Upon entering into a Service & Maintenance/PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) contract we will:

  • Schedule the visits using our bespoke planning system which will alert us when your PPM is due.
  • Allocate the work to a qualified engineer who will attend in company uniform.
  • Complete the contracted PPM in an efficient manner causing the minimum disruption to your operations. Depending on what type of visit is due we will carry out checks against your systems on either the major or minor checklist.
  • Make minor adjustments as necessary to maintain maximum operational efficiency of the equipment.
  • Produce a report on the equipment’s condition along with any recommendations of remedial works that may be required.
  • If any defects are found with the systems, we will provide a cost to rectify the issue before any work is carried out. If it is under warranty, we will undertake the steps to restore it back to its normal operation.
  • Preserve any Extended Warranty offered by the equipment manufacturers.
  • Produce and maintain an F-Gas Log for any systems that fall within the current F-Gas legislation.

We currently have an android software-based system for all our breakdown, service, maintenance and installation works. This enables us to provide you instantaneously with electronic documents that will prove your compliance with the new F-Gas regulations, job sheets, service sheets, invoices and any other work-related aspects we have in agreement.

Each maintenance customer has a login and password for our website which they can download any information required from previous site visits.

Customer Service

We offer 4 levels of service to our customers:

  • Level 1- Major: This is for systems used occasionally and requires meeting F-Gas regulations
  • Level 2- Major & minor: This is for systems used on a moderate basis
  • Level 3- Major, minor & minor: This is for systems used heavily throughout the year
  • Level 4- Major, minor, major & minor: These are for systems used for pro-longed periods on a daily basis and critical areas such as server rooms

We can also offer bespoke contracts that suit your specific needs if required.

We offer all our service contracts on a monthly payment scheme to assist you if required.