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Server Rooms & IT Infrastructure

Server rooms have become the heart of almost every organisation. Its paramount to ensure that the computer hardware is running at an optimal temperate to ensure that servers do not overheat causing them to slow down, shut down or, in severe cases, a total crash causing in some cases loss of data. Air Conditioning is a key element in creating an energy-efficient server room.

When servers become overheated, you will see that they begin to perform poorly, and your hardware is noticeably struggling. Keeping the temperatures of your server’s low is essential not just to optimal function but optimal longevity as well. After prolonged exposure to temperature extremes, the servers you have can begin to lose functionality, some of which may never be restored.

Even if the problem doesn’t reach catastrophic levels, you still lose your investment as your servers begin to suffer. This modern age is a techno-paradise built on speed and efficiency and this is where properly cooling your servers can keep you at the competitive edge. Because servers release plenty of heat as they work, they must be kept in a cool well-ventilated room.

This is usually relegated to a smaller room in the back, many business owners often decide to double this room for storage of other equipment, but this is a bad idea. The more objects you place in a room, the greater the thermal mass is and the warmer it can get.

Servers will work better in a clear and cool environment where heat is quickly expelled, and the servers kept cool. It would be a crying shame to have all that expensive equipment replaced after a few short months of operations in a heated environment. Therefore, more and more people working in IT will be looking for the most cost-effective way to keep their servers and server rooms cool.

Whether you’re trying to cool a single server or an entire server room, Eco Air Systems have the expertise to keep your servers cool all year round.

When recommending an air conditioner for a server room our surveyors will ask you about your future plans for the room (e.g. if you are planning to upgrade your systems, add extra servers and/or computers) to make sure that we specify the right unit to future-proof the installation, taking care of any additional heat load.